Rabu, 22 Januari 2014

Tugasnya teman from thailand..."ASEAN STUDIES"

 Goodwill and Friendship Ambassadors
 Present By Miss Sirirat Khampeeranan
Section: 1 ID: 5631901085
 Major: Nursing Present
To Aj. Sorawit Sangsuwan
 Mae Fah Luang University
 Name: Herma Suhaini Nickname: Ema Gender: Female Birthday: 5 May, 1988 Age : 25 years old
Nationality: Indonesia
 Languages : Sasak, Indonesian and English
 Hometown : Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat Indonesia
Website: http://kaktusgenius.blogspot.com
Facebook : Kaktus Mockingjay
          The useful information that you try to deliver to him/her in order to bring out the peace and harmony happened in SEA. In my conversation. It makes me know new friend. She is Ema, she from Indonesia. She is 25 years old that older than me and I called her “Sister”. Currently her works and she enjoy in working. The first time she invited me to Lombok Island: It’s the Island that locates near Bali Island and I suggested her for travel in Thailand too. And I taught her in Thai language some sentence that she asked me and some sentence that I want to present to her. She told me Thai language is difficult and I told her as for I think that each language there are different and depend on individual aptitude.

         In part of ASEAN. I asked her do you know about ASEAN community. She said she knows about ASEAN community and her written about it in her blog. I would like to see her blog. It’s great, but I can’t understand it because it is Indonesian language. I said to her that in my country isn’t yet ready to enter ASEAN community because many people who don’t know about ASEAN and not have English language skill. And she said the same that her country and she is not good in English. There are some questions she seemed to be confused about the Do and Don't in her country. But I explained to her and give examples. 

       The useful information that you get from him/her. From a conversation. It made me feel happy and enjoy because she is very kind, friendly and she not annoyed me. She lives in Lombok Island. In her opinion, it’s a beautiful more than Bali Island. She has the blog which she writes by herself. She told me that people in her country are not good in English and she told “Just try to learn English because we need it to understand about anything”. She told me that talking with me its help her to remember the vocabulary.
              I asked she about culture in her country. She told me that in the many island in her country like Papua Island. There are having duni and asmat etc. I try to use some sentence in Indonesian language to her but it is wrong. So she taught me about cheaply Indonesian language. She said she happy to help me and I taught her about Thailand language too. She told me that she hear that Thailand language is so difficult. And I give the question for her and the data that I get from her are ASEAN community, many people in her country not ready about it. In economic are them not ready to compete with product from other country. Her opinion she think the three pillars is good about economic, security, and culture them just need to make good prepare for it. I give examples Do and don't in Indonesia about women in her country. But she said that it is related to religion. We talked with happiness and fun. Exchanged learn. She introduced me to her Island. And I introduced her to come to my Thailand country as well. She told me if we think we can do it successfully.
              The barrier/obstacle happened during the activity. - It’s difficult to find people who know about ASEAN because someone doesn’t have data about ASEAN and I'm looking forward to them accept friend for me. - My English skill is not good. - I worry that what I say to make her to be confusing. -Sometime I afraid that asking her about questions may annoy her.
          Impressive stories From this assignment. I have impressed Ema because she is friendly, kind, and funny. Every time I told her. I'm sorry to disturb her But her always told me that's okay. I’m glad to know her. She look alike my sister. She has good cooperated and not has problems. I really thank you very much to her. I feel thank you my teacher for the new experience that make I get good friend, changing and sharing culture together. It makes me to develop English language skills and I can apply to my daily life. Thanks for good everything in this subject.